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White Lotus Harmony

A Joyful Way to Heal


Welcome to White Lotus Harmony! My name is Gigi.

My goal is to facilitate healing so that you can experience the inherent joy of your complete self. The unique method I share guides you through gentle ways of releasing trauma and restoring intrinsic harmony within your body, mind, heart, soul, and emotions.  It is soft, subtle, and somatic, reaching to the root to nourish authentic self-expression and revival.



What can White Lotus Harmony help you with?

Trauma & Stress

White Lotus Harmony healing facilitates the release of stored trauma, reducing stress levels, and providing tools for coping with and overcoming traumatic experiences (eg. childhood, emotional, physical, sexual abuse).

Emotional Imbalances

The tools I share assist in the regulation of emotions, fostering emotional resilience, and supporting the understanding and management of difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger.

Physical Discomfort & Pain

The gentle modality helps you address your physical discomfort or chronic pain by exploring the mind-body connection and employing techniques to alleviate the root of physical manifestations of stress or trauma.

Spiritual Growth & Connection

These practices guide you in exploring and connecting with your sense of purpose, spirituality, and inner self to find more meaning and fulfillment.

And More...

Gigi is a kind and compassionate healer. She takes her time to truly understand you and help you on your journey to living more pain free. Her healing dance and meditation classes are so gentle and relaxing. The space is beautiful and inviting! I am so glad I’ve found a gem like Gigi to help me work through my issues.

April Shiau

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Private sessions, classes, and workshops are available online or in person, for adults, teens, and children.

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