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"A lotus seed can remain viable for thousands of years
and re-emerge from the mud or remains of destruction when the time is right for its purpose."


White Lotus Harmony

White Lotus Harmony derives inspiration from the resilience, grace, beauty, and purity of the white lotus flower. It is a symbol of healing, expansive well-being, and connectivity with God. A lotus seed can remain viable for thousands of years and re-emerge from the mud or remains of destruction when the time is right for its purpose in the ecosystem to be served. From root to shoot and bud to blossom, every part of the lotus flower is also helpful to humans in food, medicine, worship, etc. It moves in harmony with the sun's daily dance across the sky, opening its petals to reveal its inner core in joy beneath the warm rays of shining light. White Lotus Harmony draws from its example to similarly re-emerge from trauma and reveal the real self with movement, harmony, and purpose.

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About Me

I am a creative, compassionate, and God-conscious soul with a diverse personal and professional background in dance, intuitive healing, and meditation.  My passion is to help people recover and discover their authentic happy selves. My method gently guides movement of the body, mind, heart, emotions, and spirit to bring them into intrinsic harmony and joy with one another. 

My Method

The Lotus Affect

My gentle joyful method, supported by an intuitive quality, puts somatic, expressive, energy healing into motion. The Lotus Affect - reflecting the self-cleaning properties of the lotus - moves within to release trauma and restore harmony throughout your complete self. It reaches quickly to the root of uneasy feelings and transforms mental, emotional, and even physical discomfort into resolution and renewal, hope and inspiration. My way is 100% unique and beyond what words can capture. It is an experience to be had and one that can only be fully understood by having it. I invite you to explore the Lotus Affect and feel the joyful revival for yourself!

The Lotus Affect is:





















Body, mind, heart, and soul are integral features of you. Thinking, feeling, willing, and moving are intrinsic. You already do all of them, naturally. And they're all inherently interconnected. When one aspect of your being is hurt or broken, your whole self feels the impact of the pain. Similarly, when one feature of your inner or outer working is realigned, your whole self starts to heal.

The God-given skills, gifts, and talents I've been given -combined with the types of training and professional experience I've gathered - enable me to get right in there with you, to the core of what is sitting ill at ease and help you start to shift it, melt it, soothe it, realign and redesign it to feel better. My method is not only holistic it is integral with who you are intrinsically and how you connect with all existence.

The Lotus Affect touches the trauma, pain, patterns, and memories embedded within your cells, muscles, tissues, subconscious, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. It touches them with compassion, grace, energy, wisdom, and healing to release and recreate them with happy, harmonious, healthy feelings, thoughts, patterns and movement in their place. The approach is subtle, the results are profound.

Who Can It Help?

Anyone! Old or young, children to late adulthood, physically fit or infirm or even paralyzed. The only requirement is an open mind to give it a try. The Lotus Affect healing method works with your own intention, so just bring that and I will help you with the rest. I connect with you, how you feel, what you need, and how you move to guide you through your own healing connection process. It is fun, creative, calming, and cathartic!


I welcome connection and look forward to hearing how I can serve you.

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