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My Story

The Lotus Affect was born inside of me to meet my own need to heal. It just happened! And the experience felt miraculous!

The seeds that sprouted this innovation started being planted when I was small. Painful shyness gripped me, and my mother introduced me to dance lessons to help me discover the comfort of being me and letting it out freely through movement. A wonderful world unfolded, filled with the joy of dance as my passion, expression, and profession for life.

In the same garden of my inner world then laid unknown a variety of extrasensory perceptions. I saw, heard, and felt layers of truth and energy beyond the surface. I simply didn't understand yet what these abilities were or what to do with them. That much sensitivity without the needed knowledge of it honestly made life complicated with unsettled thoughts and emotions from outside being constantly absorbed.

Yet there was a safe space that opened to me on the path of love and devotion to God. After high school I resided in a place of worship and spiritual study for 7 years, where those seeds were deeply sown and watered, and I became absorbed in prayer, meditation, and service daily. A deeper, more peaceful and aware way of heart was nurtured. It opened wider with compassion and qualities that carry me and are carried in my core.

Later, my home became the place where I continued this way of inner loving life. And it is here that the time and need to truly heal brought me to my knees. No longer could I go on with the ripple effects of past trauma trembling and tremoring inside of me. Anxiety, depression, self-doubt, overthinking, ill health, heartbreaking relationships... There wasn't enough room for both them and me to be and grow. It was time for either them or me to go so the other could survive. I chose me to thrive. Then the weeding and healing began...

This is when the wonder happened. Every special seed previously planted emerged to my assistance.  They came up together in the garden of my heart, complementing one another. The inspiration to use and fuse all the God-given gifts I had been given innovated a one-of-a-kind modality from the inside out. Inner guidance led the way, revealing how I could reach into the trauma and tribulations embedded within my body, mind, and emotions and remove it as I moved. My extrasensory sensitivity became an asset instead of an impediment, as I embraced it to gather underlying information of what was happening and how to heal it. The spiritual qualities and wisdom I had received and the meditative access I had gained from decades of practice and assimilation now melded with the movement and intuition to soothe and transform every feeling.  I discovered, recreated, and developed soul-deep confidence in myself. 

...And the white lotus of well-being was born and blossomed! This is how it came into being - first within me, and then as something I feel so grateful for and faithful in that I desire to share it with others to help spare them from the kind of pain I once hopelessly lived in. There is no need to suffer and struggle. There is a wonderful, gentle, joyful way to feel full of life, hope, and harmony. That is what I am here to share with you.


I welcome connection and look forward to hearing how I can serve you.

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