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Moving by Faith

A Gentle Course of Embodying Inner Trust

Soul-deep security awaits you in divine alignment. The first and next step in trusting yourself is understanding the spiritual nature of who you and your source truly are and how you are intimately connected. By moving deeper in that divine relationship, inner trust becomes embodied.

Trust in God & Yourself Grow Together

  • move from your head to your heart

  • connect with your spiritual self value

  • experience God guiding you within

  • shed layers of self-doubt

  • firm faith in your relationship with God

  • carry this confidence at every step

The course of moving by faith in life is a personal one. There are as many ways as there are individuals, moments, and experiences. Day by day, step by step, we will explore what it actually feels like for you to embody and move by faith now.  By framing movement, meditation, or healing practices with intention, we will journey into the core of the heart, the seat of the soul, and move to the sound of God guiding from within. I will support you to strengthen footing on a foundation of trust and build upon it until moving by faith through life becomes a daily practice, a habit, an integral way of being. The content will be personalized for you at each step and circumstance of your life by intuitively receiving guidance for you from God in the heart and adapting the contemplative practices as relevant and appropriate to your accessibility, comfort, and devotion. Experience it remotely or in person.

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I just want to thank you, Gigi, for leading me towards healing and the love of God in new ways. What you do is so lovely. It was so nice to experience what I did through movement.


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