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Experiential Healing

Reconnect with who you really are.

Restore your trust. Regain your hope.

Release your shame. Relieve your pain.

Revive your whole self within.

The Experience

In each online or in-person workshop you will be:

  • Compassionately heard and met where you are.

  • Supported with guided movement and practices to transform your experience.

The Atmosphere

Intimate. Emotionally safe. Supportive. Warm. Friendly. Free of judgment. Full of creativity and connectivity. Each workshop welcomes up to 5 members at the most in order to maintain this atmosphere and support you with personal quality attention.

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The Response

"For me, overcoming self-doubt has always been a challenge for me that requires unpacking many layers of programming that have been indoctrinated into me from a young age. Gigi created a safe and nurturing space to unpack these layers and start the healing process."


Workshop Topics

Move Through Grief.png
Calm Anxiety.png
Feel Forgiveness.png

Move Through Grief

Whether you are growing from the hardship of grief or feel yourself stuck in it, this workshop is offered to help you move through it. 

Calm Anxiety

Find stillness within the stormy waters of upheaval. This workshop will help you calm the emotional winds with gentle spiritual healing.

Feel Forgiveness

Forgiveness is for giving freedom. This workshop will help you give yourself and others this gift so you can feel freedom within you.

Healing Self-Doubt Level II.png
Embody Inner Trust (1).png

Heal Self-Doubt

Overcome self-doubt and develop inner trust on a firm foundation of reconnection in your heart. Accept who you authentically are.

Heal Self-Doubt Level 2

Feel yourself being held in your relationship with your higher power, find friendship in it, and proceed at aligned speed.

Embody Inner Trust

Grow soul-deep self-confidence. Raise your awareness of who you are spiritually and experience trust fortified within.

Request A Workshop

Experiential healing workshops are offered online and in person. If you are interested in the above topics or another, please send me your request for scheduling information.

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